Scarcity. Shortages. Delays. Resignations. It is clear that the difficulty in obtaining both products and people has become part of daily life. What is less clear is whether businesses are prepared for an environment in which scarcity replaces abundance and whether this is a fundamental change or a temporary imbalance. Who is leading the way forward?

World 50, G100, Procurement Leaders and EHIR exist to help executives discover better ideas, share valuable experiences and build relationships that make a lasting impact. To help members address the questions above, we offer The Scarcity Economy.

This project—which stems from a survey of 239 group members conducted in December, along with 23 in-depth member interviews—consists of this website, a PDF, a podcast series and downloadable slides segmented by industry and size, with raw data. Certain elements of this project are available exclusively to members of the World 50, G100, Procurement Leaders and EHIR communities.

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